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Celebrity palm reading…                                                 Palm Reading of Narendra Modi

narendra modi palm

Modi’s palm is long with regular medium length thin fingers which are indicating to his analyzing and reasoning ability.. His long thumb adds will power and resolve in him. The pointed thumb is making him aware . The Pink color palm with equal distance in fingers is making him extraordinary personality. The break in Brain Line is showing constant stress due to tough competition. He should be mindful of the fact that in future he might suffer from head injury.

One of the reason of his not getting married is his thick heart line. The wavy life line is showing health problem in 2012 . He should give priory to his health. Due to depression in Mount of Sun he will face lot of opposition and has to put lot of effort. The year 2012 will be challenging for him with lot of criticism he can face an allegation.

In coming year he will play a much important role in India Politics and will win the election.


Palm reading Michael Jackson( King of Music )


The hand image of Michael Jackson ‘s hand is fantastic and rich in detail. His thumb is high-set, which points to his reserve and emotional tendency. He has many lines on his Moon Mount, indicating the overseas influences throughout his life, and there’s a line that appears to be a Apollo line originating there also. His well-marked Moon Mount points creativity

The double head line. Is adding excellence .Double head line enables the person to not only perceive themselves and their role, but to also perceive others and exactly what they ask of them. Being able to see two sides of any situation His heart line looks quite dominant in his hand and betrays a soft heart.

Hollow Plain of Mars made his child hood difficult and due to this he had to face lot of criticism Fair strong Apollo line joined by Mercury made him famous.

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