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About Palmistry

About palmistry:

Palmistry is an ancient science. Where reading of lines in hand ,reading shapes of hand, reading colours in hand of one’s Life. Our hand is mirror of our personality. It not only reveals our basic instincts but also tells us about our past and future. Palmistry is the best option for person who does not have date of Birth.

 There are pieces of Indian art and some recorded hand information dating back 3000 years suggesting the ancients in India had studied hand markings and considered them important. This is believed to be the beginning of hand reading as a practiced art. The wider distribution of Indian palmistry spread in Europe when the Gypsies left India in the 13th century.

Over the centuries the art of interpreting meaning from the hands evolved into several different modalities and spread throughout the world.Reading Some people claim that reading the hands is scientific and have given the skill more scientific names like Dermatoglyphics and Chiromancy.

Today in India the hand readers are generally divided into three types of readers:

  • Darsana (“seeing”)– Reading the meaning of skin colors.
  • Sparsana (“touching”)– Reading the hand textures and temperature variations.
  • Rekha vimarsana (the markings)– Reading the lines and marks on the hands.

Many modern Indian hand readers place great emphasis on mainly the thumb lines and configuration. Some Indian palmists claim to read from the thumb the complete karmic history of a person. Many western palmists agree that the thumb provides a huge amount of information, mainly about a person’s present inclinations to make things happen and succeed in career and life.

Each hand reader’s modality is slightly different in how rules are applied and what is identified. Through the ages various techniques and opinions about the meaning of various markings came and went. However, some rules for obvious hand marks and configuration of fingers have survived because they generally have proven to be true through repeated observations over the years


The Indian form of palmistry focuses on helping people understand where their life is headed in the future and what advantages they have to face obstacles. Of course this is of major interest to everyone and any advise is welcome. So Palmistry in India is a popular service practiced throughout the country, perhaps even more than in any other country.

The popularity of hand reading in India (as well as other forms of divination of information) is astonishing. Perhaps that is because there is not career counseling and other forms of guidance services widely available to the masses. There is also an apparent trust in these modalities for life guidance that has become accepted as part of the culture over time.



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