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About Palmistry

About palmistry: Palmistry is an ancient science. Where reading of lines in hand ,reading shapes of hand, reading colours in hand of one’s Life. Our hand is mirror of our personality. It not only reveals our basic instincts but also tells us about our past and future. Palmistry is the best option for person who …

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About Sakthibalan

About sriraajbabu@sakthibalan Sri rajbabu (a) sakthibalan Studied Astrology at the age of 16 with the first professional kurunatar Sri maan rajkumar’s gurukulam,from the age of 21 spiritual gurunathar subramani swami obtained by the hands of sri lalitha ambigai till now. Past 25 yrs experience in kodaikanal and present in munnar 14yrs experiencing and gaining amazing …

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  SRI RAJ BABU SWAMY, NO:9,SUBRAMANIYA SWAMY TEMPLE STREET, MUNNAR, Zip : 685612, Kerala, India, Tel No. +91.048651232568 .Mobile No. +91.9447978917

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Fortune Box: (lucky box): Information: For Home: fortune box destroys – vasthu problems, jealous, voodoo, blackmagic. Images of fortune box: Price: Rs, 5500/- only   For business: : fortune box destroys – vasthu problems,jealous,voodoo,blackmagic. Images of fortune box: Price: Rs, 7500/- only   To buy give orders from your home or office. To order just call: 04865-232568                                  09447978917                                  …

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